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100 grams of white Homeleigh Polwarth Tops

100 grams of beautiful white Homeleigh Polwarth Top  Around 22 micron with near 100 % comfort factor these tops are next to skin soft and perfect for spinning and craft.  They will make luxurious quality items and be a pleasure to work with.  Our sheep are well cared for and live in a picturesque setting with the best of care.  Our Polwarth sheep are not mulesed and their well being is our priority. Locally grown and well cared for sheep producing quality Australian wool. Locally scoured and processed to be sold direct by the farmers growing these lovely sheep. How good is that!


1 kilogram of white Homeleigh Polwarth wool Top

One kilogram of beautiful white Homeleigh Polwarth Top. Our award winning Homeleigh Polwarth sheep are raised in the beautiful Merton, Victoria, Australia. They are well cared for and loved and this shows through their beautiful soft and bright wool. Theirs is next to skin soft lustrous polwarth that is used for the most elegant and luxurious products. As true polwarth wool grows in blocks it has memory and drapes beautifully. It is a joy to handle, create with and wear this beautiful wool



Bumps of 5kg +  are available at wholesale price plus postage.  Suited to business, clubs, the serious hobbyists as well as fundraising activities.

Pick up and purchase is also available through Yarck Miners Cottage


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Naturally Coloured Merino Top.  A range of colours available from dark chocolate, caramel to a beautiful light grey.   Locally grown and processed in Victoria, Australia.  From Black and coloured Merino sheep that have not been mulesed and are well cared for on a beautiful farm.


  • 100 grams of Naturally coloured Merino Tops

    Naturally coloured Merino Tops. Grown and processed locally in Victoria from Sheep that are well cared for and not Mulesed.


    A 5 kg bump of naturally coloured merino wool Top

    A 5 kg bump of naturally coloured merino wool Top. Locally grown and processed wool from sheep that have been well cared for. Our sheep are not mulesed and live in beautiful surroundings with the best of care.


  • These are also available through Yarck Miners Cottage.




Beautiful white Homeleigh Polwarth raw fleeces can also be  purchased.  Handpicked at shearing time to provide a beautiful fleece suited to handspinning or craft.   These fleece are luxurious, next to skin soft.  They are bright with a beautiful lustre and great handle.

We also have black and coloured Merino whole fleeces available, Mohair fleeces, English Leicester and alpaca saddles available on request.  Only complete fleeces can be purchased and these range from 3 – 6kg well skirted with very little vegetable matter.  Priced at $25 kg plus postage.



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