1 kg of white Polwarth Wool Top from award winning ‘Homeleigh’ sheep


1 kilogram of beautiful white Homeleigh Polwarth Top. Our award winning Homeleigh Polwarth sheep are raised in the beautiful Merton, Victoria, Australia. They are well cared for and loved and this shows through their beautiful soft and bright wool. This wool is next to skin soft and lustrous Polwarth that is used for the most elegant and luxurious products. As only true Polwarth wool can it grows in blocks and so it has memory and drapes beautifully. It is a joy to handle, create with and wear this beautiful wool.  This beautiful wool is grown and processed locally. We think our sheep are the best, they’re beautiful, engaging, clever and a joy to work with.  contact us for price and shipping costs

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Weight 1 g

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