The Boss has left the Shed

‘The boss has left the Shed’

 The stands are still and quiet

Homeleigh polwarths out grazing shorn

The roustys have all knocked off now

The shearers have long gone

Last rams went down the chute

Not so very long ago now

The dust begins to settle

On the boards in evening glow

Bulging Bales are stacked in line

of wool so soft to hand.

The brightest in Australia

From the best sheep in this Land

His job is finished here and his dues have all been paid

So he can leave his shed now and put away his blades

His work is never done though so now droving he’s begun

Of his beloved polwarths on long paddocks with vast runs

Geoff Kemp he was a great man and he knew his Polwarth sheep

His lifetime dedication created standards hard to meet

The Homeleigh name is featured throughout Polwarth history

And he leaves the Polwarth breed improved with a lasting legacy

A better man you’d never meet, great of heart and good of soul

A true blue Aussie character, a friend, father, Grandfather and more

There’s no doubt that he’ll be sorely missed by those who knew him well.

That the world will be a little poorer and that it hurts like bloody hell


The great Polwarth man and our great friend

Geoffrey Alan Kemp 4/10/1945 – 9/3/2018

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