Homeleigh Polwarth Stud

The Homeleigh Polwarth Stud is in Merton, Victoria, Australia.  Homeleigh stud was established in Heathcote in 1940 by Mr Ted Kemp who then began successfully showing Polwarth sheep in 1948.  The Homeleigh Polwarth Success was then carried on by Ted’s son Geoff Kemp.  Geoff Kemp continued to produce exceptional Homeleigh Polwarth sheep that excelled at show, at stud and in commercial levels, in form, fleece and carcass.  Homeleigh Polwarth gaining a reputation making the Homeleigh Polwarth rams much sought after.  Geoff teamed up with Andrew and Karen Williamson and the Homeleigh  flock was moved to Merton to continue producing exceptional Homeleigh Polwarth sheep.

With many of the old Polwarth sheep studs being dispersed or influenced by other breeds or passing trends the Homeleigh Polwarth Stud is one of the few remaining Polwarth studs with the sought after Pure Polwarth Bloodlines.  The Homeleigh Polwarth Stud has been a closed flock for many generations with the careful breeding program  producing consistent quality animals that show the superior Polwarth Characteristics.  Homeleigh polwarth sheep are clean bodied animals that do not require muelsing, they have very few wrinkles, they are resistant to fleece rot which also reduces the risk of fly strike.   Homeleigh Polwarths have high yeilding, soft handling, white fleeces with many of the rams producing around 9 kilos and ewes betwee 4 – 6 kilos with a micron range of 20 to 25 microns depending on the conditions and feed.  Staple length is around 110 – 120 mm giving them the versatility of being able to be shorn around 8 monthly intervals. They produce consistent and even wool types that are valuable in todays markets

They have great temperaments and are are hardy in southern conditions.  They are long lived and very good doers with high fertility and are also great mothers.  They are not strict seasonal breeders and can be lambed to suit the farmer.  They produce quality lambs with lean carcases that are ideal for the lamb and mutton trade, local and export.

Polwarth are the ideal dual purpose sheep for Australia conditions and we find them to be exceptional animals to work with.  We also look forward to providing the unique opportunity for this luxurious wool to be made available to the public



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